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Every week 17m adults read The Sun or Sun on Sunday newspapers - 1 in 3 of all GB adults

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About The Scottish Sun

Edited by Gordon Smart The Scottish Sun is the number one selling daily newspaper in Scotland. We pride ourselves on offering our readers the best news, editorial and sports coverage. The paper is home to many award winning journalists and columnists. Regular columnists include Bill Leckie, Robin Galloway, Frankie Boyle and many more.

Our Audience

The Scottish Sun offers advertisers an even spread of readers across Scotland. For advertisers looking to target Scottish Men we have the greatest number of Male readers of any daily newspaper in Scotland. We are also the number one newspaper of choice amongst the under 35s and Scottish families.

Reasons to advertise

The Scottish Sun is the number one selling daily newspaper in Scotland and offers advertisers dedicated classified platforms to showcase their products or services on across the week. Our classified platforms include the award winning Motors Supplement (Friday), Scottish focussed Travel editorial coverage (Saturday and Sunday), dedicated Scottish Job Vacancies via Sun Employment (Thursday).

*Source: NRS July 12 - June 13 Base: Scotland

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