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The UK's best-selling daily newspaper with an average daily print circulation of 1.61m

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The Sun
Maintains its position as most-read Mid Pop title
Readers every day*
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Sun readers have a family income over £50K
The Sun
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About The Sun

The Sun is one of Britain’s most famous and widely  consumed media brands, reaching almost 8 million readers in the UK every day.

Our titles are truly multi-platform – in paper, online, on tablet and mobile. With Editor David Dinsmore at the helm, we continue to invest in the brands to be the first to reach readers with big stories, big interviews and big pictures whenever and wherever they choose.

Our Audience

Sunemployment was launched in August 2009 and since then we have found work for more than 70,000 people – including apprenticeships and seasonal jobs.

Dear Deidre is The Sun’s longest serving columnist and one of the UK’s best- known agony aunts, having spent over 30 years with the paper.

Research has shown that £1 in every £7 spent on groceries is spent by a Sun reader.

14% of petrol bought in a week is paid for by a Sun reader.

The Sun’s Dreamteam and Page 3 websites each attract around a quarter of a million visits every week.

The Sun reaches more under 35s than the 3 main leading competitors combined.

Key columnists

Ally Ross (Tuesday) Jane Moore (Wednesday) Rod Liddle (Thursday) Frankie Boyle (Friday) Jeremy Clarkson (Saturday) Lorraine Kelly (Saturday) Katie Price (Sunday) Tony Parsons (Sunday)

*Source: * ABC (Dec 16), NRS (Oct '15 - Sep '16)

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Every week 17m adults read The Sun or Sun on Sunday newspapers - 1 in 3 of all GB adults