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Bricks & Mortar: Will help you find the perfect move, buy or sell.

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Press Awards 2016: Sports Journalist of the Year Matthew Syed and Political Journalist of the Year Rachel Sylvester
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Times readers have a mean family income
Social grade AB
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About The Times Property

Bricks & Mortar runs on Fridays and Property is in The Times on Saturday.

We carry over 900 property advertisements over 12 months in The Times.

Times readers are 28% more likely to buy or sell their property in the next 12 months.

119,000 Times readers have invested in a holiday home.

First for business

According to the British Business Survey (Sept 2011), The Times is the No.1 daily newspaper for business readers and reaches 50% more decision makers than the Financial Times or the Daily Telegraph. The Times won the Business and Finance Newspaper Team of the Year Team Award at the 2011 Press Awards

Key columnists

David Aaronovitch, Peter Brookes (cartoonist), Philip Collins, Giles Coren, Robert Crampton, Daniel Finkelstein, Caitlin Moran, Matthew Parris, Libby Purves, Ben Macintyre, Carol Midgely, Tim Montgomerie, Melanie Reid, Hugo Rifkind, Sathnam Sanghera, Rachel Sylvester, Alice Thomson, Janice Turner

*Source: ABC (Dec 2016), NRS (Oct '15 - Sept '16)

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Every week over half of the UK's most senior decision makers read The Sunday Times newpaper