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Every week over half of the UK's most senior decision makers read The Sunday Times newpaper

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The Press Awards 2016: Dominic Lawson, Broadsheet Columnist of the Year and, Camilla Long, Broadsheet Interviewer of the Year
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Sunday Times readers have a mean family income
Sunday Times readers are social grade AB
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About Sunday Times Home

Home is the premier national property section whose readers want to be inspired to renovate and decorate their homes.

Over 3500 advertisments are carried in Home over 12 months by estate agents, developers, retailers, architects and designers.

157,000 Sunday Times readers are looking to buy or sell their property in the next 12 months.

Sunday Times readers spent over £316 million on home improvement materials in the past year.

Sunday TImes readers are twice as likely to own a holiday home.

Business audence

According to British Business Survey:

The Sunday Times is the number one quality Sunday paper for business owners

The Times & Sunday Times reaches more executives than any other daily or Sunday paper

The Times & Sunday Times readers opinions are valued – More readers who agreed that people and organisations sought out their opinions, read the Times or Sunday Times compared to any other daily or Sunday newspaper

Key columnists

Jeremy Clarkson , AA Gill, Martin Ivens , India Knight , Dominic Lawson, Camilla Long , Rod Liddle, Andrew Sullivan

*Source: NRS (Oct '15 - Sept '16) and BE: Europe Survey 2013 (for C-Suite data)

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The Times is the number 1 daily newspaper for business professionals